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Motul makes three different types of brake fluid the most popular for racing is Motul RBF 600 which has a Dry boiling of 594F and a wet boiling point of 421F. Also for racing is Motul RBF 660 is the newest in their lineup it has a Dry boiling point of 617F and a wet boiling point of 399F. They also make a DOT 5.1 fluid that has a dry boiling point of 522F and a wet boiling point of 365F this is more of a street fluid.



For use in garages, mechanics areas, work shops and construction. Mixture of wet substances, detergent agents, solvent products and polypropylene micro balls. Contains an antiseptic and bacteriostatic preservative agents. Leave hands feeling soft and slightly perfumed. Almond scent! Packaging 3L Pump



Motul Multi HF is an advanced Multifunction Hydraulic Fluid based on a synthetic formulation for use in steering systems, suspension and other hydraulic systems requiring such product. Packaging 1 Liter
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