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When ordering Stoptech Brake kits they come in a few varieties the number indicated in the field for the options you would like are the last two digits in the part number that say .xx please specify that in the instructions field at check out.

***Unless otherwise noted, Big Brake Kits do NOT fit stock wheels.****

 For Track use Black Calipers are best Red is acceptable. Other colors may experience color change due to the extreme temperatures. 

Caliper Color Slotted Cross Drilled



Black 51 52
Silver 61 62
Red 71 72
Yellow 81 82

 Blue, gold and yellow calipers have a 30-45 day lead time and are $200 extra per axle.
Silver calipers are available at no extra charge, but do have a 30-45 day lead time.

Rotors are available slotted, drilled or plain. Drilled rotors are $100 extra per axle.

StopTech now offers an anti-corrosion gold zinc coating for all AeroRotors. The coating benefits customers who live in cold climates where snow and road salt are commonly encountered, and customers who would prefer to not have visible surface rust on the vanes and outer circumference of their rotors. Zinc coating does not have a negative environmental impact like other coatings. Gold zinc coating costs $70 per axle extra.

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