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5 Weight Race Oil - Bottle

1qt Bottle.
Popular for class racing in NHRA Stock and Super Stock.
Use only at oil temperatures below 160F.
Also popular in NHRA Competition Eliminator.


10 Weight Race Oil - Bottle

1qt Bottle.
Used by many NHRA Pro Stock teams for dyno testing.
Much longer drain intervals than competing brands at similar viscosity.
Also used in Jr. Dragster engines.
Popular in IHRA Pro Stock, Top Sportsman (normally aspirated), ADRL Extreme Pro Stock and NHRA Competition Eliminator.


20 Weight Race Oil - bottle

1qt Bottle.
Consistent wear and operation in drag racing classes like Stock and Super Stock (many switch to 5WT for Class Racing).
Popular for qualifying in stock car engines.
Used by many top engine builders in Spec Miata and other low-power road race engines.
Provides more power and better wear in Four-Cycle karting engines like Yamaha/Burris F200, Briggs Animal and World Formula, Honda GX 160 and GX 200, Kohler, Techmseh, and Clones.


30 Weight Race Oil - Bottle

1qt Bottle.
Popular in NASCAR and Road Racing.


40 Weight Race Oil - Bottle

1qt Bottle.
Versatile product used in stock car racing, road racing, and sprint cars.
Used by many of the top Dirt Late Model teams.
Used by top teams in NASCAR Spec engines for Camping World East and West Series.


50 Weight Race Oil - Bottle

1qt Bottle.
Used in applications with wider bearing clearances.
Popular with sprint and midget applications on methanol -- offers less frequent oil changes due to less fuel dilution.



1qt Bottle.
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