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R-4 Full Race – Our R-4 racing brake shoes are high-temperature bonded, then arched to drum specifications and finally copper riveted to the brake shoe core to ensure the strongest material adhesion. These brake shoes will withstand the most rigorous racing conditions with consistent and powerful stopping performance.

For rare vintage and other odd applications customer may be required to furnish brake shoe cores. We are able to reline virtually any type of brake shoe. When ordering please specify a drum diameter for arching purpose.

 R-4 Woven Kevlar
Porterfields Woven Kevlar is high friction woven composite material designed for use in mechanically actuated drum brake systems. It has very high friction at ambient and low temperatures for good initial bite and may be bonded to aluminum or steel brake shoe cores. Trusted by top car mechanics to stop the most valuable of vintage vehicles safely, without any unnecessary drum wear. This material is widely used in vintage racing and vintage touring events on vehicles with mechanical drum brakes.

 RD-4 compound

The RD-4 brake shoe material is our new addition to our line of high performance brake shoelinings. This material incorporates the latest in brake shoe material research and development and is suitable for all types of racing. Improved touring and vintage race cars with hydraulic drum brake will benefit from an extremely high friction level giving the most powerful stopping ability available. The new RD-4 race shoe brake material with out a doubt raises the standard for competition shoe linings.



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Rear for CHEVROLET: 11-12 Cruze



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Set of 4 Pieces
Rear for VOLKSWAGEN: 11-12 Jetta 2.0L Gas, 11-12 Jetta 2.5L Gas R/Drums
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